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Birding in Southwest Missouri

Southwest Missouri offers a variety of ecological landscapes and habitats that attract a wide diversity of birds. Prairies, glades, hardwood forests, savannahs, lakes and wetlands, and transition "edges" are found in Southwest Missouri. Each of these landscape types provides essential habitat for different suites of birds and other wildlife. Prairie Warblers, Painted Buntings, and Greater Roadrunners are most likely found on glades, while native prairies are home to Greater Prairie Chickens, Henslow's Sparrows, and Upland Sandpipers.

If you would like to join GOAS members on one of our field trips, view or download the current Field Trip Schedule. To learn more about the areas where our field trips are scheduled and the type of habitat and birds that may be seen at different times of the year, check out Birding Locations.

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