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Bluebird Nestbox Monitoring

GOAS maintains four Bluebird Nest Box trails. Volunteers monitor the Lake Springfield and Fellows Lake once per week from March through August, when Bluebirds are nesting. We record the presence of nests, the species that built the nest, number of eggs, number of hatchlings, and if the birds fledged. This conservation project helps increase the number of Bluebirds and provides a fun educational outdoor experience for members and visitors.

The Fellows Lake trail was started by Leonard Confer in the mid-1980s. Kay Johnson set up our second trail at Lake Springfield in the late 1990s. Data is entered into the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Nest Box database. About 90 percent of the birds fledging from the Fellows Lake trail are Bluebirds, while the remainder are Tree Swallows and other species. The Lake Springfield trail presents a decidedly different mix of birds fledging from our nest boxes. Species include Eastern Bluebird, Tree Swallow, Carolina Wren, House Wren, Carolina Chickadee, and Tufted Titmouse.

Volunteers may sign up to help monitor our nest boxes. Contact GOAS 417-860-9108.

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