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GOAS Officers and Committee Chairs

  President: Ann Liles
  Vice-President: Janice Greene
  Recording Secretary: Lisa Berger
  Treasurer: Charley Burwick

Board of Directors
  Jill Hays
  Sherri Hedgpeth
  Nikki Hummel
  Greg Samuel
  Mary Sturdevant
  Greg Swick
  Wendy Vit
  Brooke Widmar
  Ruth Grant, Immediate Past President

Standing Committee and Sub-Committee Chairs
  Publications Lisa Berger
       Brooke Widmar
    GOAS Newsletter, GOAS Website, GOAS and GLADE Printed Publications Lisa Berger
    GLADE Newsletter, GLADE Website Greg Swick
    GOAS Checklists, GOAS Bird Identification Guides Greg Samuel
    Mailed Newsletters and Chapter Welcome Materials Mary Sturdevant

  Conservation Jim Fossard
    Policy Jim Fossard
    Bluebird Trails
      Fellows Lake Jan Carter
      Lake Springfield Sue Schuble
      Close Park Dot Powell
    South Creek Project
       Myra Scroggs
         Kay Johnson, past chair
    Important Bird Areas Lisa Berger
    Adopt-A-Street Betty Johnson
    Audubon Bubbler and Trail at Close Park Sue Schuble

  Field Trips Greg Samuel
    Christmas Bird Counts
      Springfield Greg Samuel
      Taney County Charley Burwick
    Bird Recorder Greg Samuel

  Membership Mary Sturdevant
    Hospitality Sherri Hedgpeth
    Historian Betty Johnson

  Publicity Greg Swick
    Social Media
       GOAS Facebook
         Greg Swick
           Jill Hays
           Dave Catlin
           Lisa Berger
           Brooke Widmar
       GLADE Facebook
         Greg Swick

  Nominating Appointed annually

  Finance Charley Burwick
     Development David Catlin
        Bird Seed Sale Dan Liles
        Birdathon Myra Scroggs

  Program Ruth Grant

  Education Sue Schuble
    Green Leadership Academy for Diverse Ecosystems - GLADE Greg Swick
    Audubon Adventures Myra Scroggs
    Outreach Sue Schuble

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