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GOAS Steam Teams

Charley Burwick organized the Pomme de Terre Stream Team in 2001 to monitor stream quality on the headwaters of the Pomme de Terre River. This section of adopted stream is located in Greene County north of Springfield and just east of Fair Grove. The upper Pomme de Terre is home to the endangered Niangua Darter. Stream Team volunteers have logged over 100 hours educating landowners adjacent to the steam about the value of natural resources and the Niangua Darter, gaining their permission to access the river, and monitoring the stream. We assemble with water quality monitoring kits, kick nets, and gear to measure stream velocity, flow, depth, and other parameters. Small but visible insects, and other macroinvertebrates are systematically collected and identified, and chemical tests are run to determine water quality. The data generated are entered online in the Missouri Department of Natural resources Stream Team database. The long term data are used to evaluate trends in water quality across the state.

Charley Burwick has also assumed South Creek Stream Team activities, where GOAS and other volunteers monitor water quality on our adopted section of South Creek.

Stream monitoring can be conducted only during normal weather conditions. If it has rained or weather conditions are questionable, please contact Charley before you head out to the stream team site. If you would like to get involved with one of our stream teams or learn more about stream team activities, contact Charley Burwick.

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